How It Works

When degrading organic waste is the task at hand, Turf Renu is your solution.

Our specially formulated blend of enzyme-producing bacterial cultures, combined with our biodegradable surfactants and neutralizing fragrances it breaks down waste naturally and effectively.

Turf Renu contains several bacillus strains making it extremely effective in general odor control and pet odor control Since TurfRenu is a complete product, you simply dilute with water and spray — it’s that easy.

The bacillus in Turf Renu is delivered in spore form, remaining dormant until the product is introduced to organic waste environments. At that point the various bacillus strains come to life. multiplying every 14-20 minutes.

Turf Renu is non-corrosive. USDA Authorized, environmentally safe, and non-pathogenic. It contains over 250 billion bacilli per gallon, which makes cleaning organic waste easy.

The success of Turf Renu is well documented in a variety of organic waste applications including odor control Turf Renu gets to the root of the problem. destroying the source of malodors. Because of its effectiveness. Turf Renu enables you to do away with costly and ineffective masking agents. Turf Renu will clean the surface and deposit millions of bacilli. After 20 minutes, the bacillus come to life and eat the food and vomit remnants until there is not any food source left Then the bacillus dies. Leaving the surface clean and fresh smelling.

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  • Totally formula. product. Just use straight, or dilute with water to achieve desired result.
  • Vigorous bacterial enzyme production accelerates digestion and breakdown of protein, carbohydrates, cellulose and fats.
  • Guaranteed high bacterial count — as much as 250 billion bacteria per gallon.
  • Environmentally safe, non-pathogenic.
  • Aerobic and anaerobic growth capabilities.
  • Extended shelf life.
  • USDA Authorized.

Turf Renu is your universal product for cleaning and removing stubborn stains and odors. Its unique bacillus blend makes it perfect for a wide range of cleaning and odor removal jobs.

The only limit to its use is your imagination.


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